Our Healthy Community

Turning Point 2015 Community Champion Award

WCWI serves as a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent and administration for member organizations, committees, initiatives, and projects while encouraging member engagement and pooling of community resources to improve Washington County’s capacity to obtain optimum health and social well-being outcomes for our citizens. WCWI collaborates with other federal, state and local partners to conduct assessments to identify gaps in services and implements plans and strategies to address the gaps. WCWI Leadership memorializes institutional memory of the organization and its workgroups to aid in stainability and organizational compliance. The eleven WCWI workgroups which address the identified needs vary in organizational structure from 501(c)(3)'s to all-volunteer-based committees: Access to Healthcare, Casa Hispana, Family Promise, Poverty Alleviation, Preventative Health, Affordable Housing, Anti-Drug, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Transportation.

WCWI's focus this year has been: Community Health Assessment, targeted healthcare surveys, internal surveys, community focus groups, update of Free and Low-Cost Healthcare Resource Guide, creation and distribution of Medical Home education/marketing materials, Policies and Procedures, Strategic/Stainability/Business Plan, and hotline, website, and social media presence. Reporting on WCWI outcomes has been published in one annual report and two quarterly reports. Additionally, WCWI-CHIO Board Reference Materials were rolled-out in June 2015 and WCWI Leadership continues to educate the workgroups on outcome-based reporting methods and programmatic compliance. Further, WCWI facilitated four primary care practices in the implementation of depression screening for all patients. WCWI is currently collaborating with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Department of Family & Preventive Medicine on two Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality grant projects: Healthier Together and Healthy Hearts for Oklahoma. Further, WCWI is partnering with Oklahoma Dental Foundation to provide MobileSmiles Dental Van services to Washington County residents for eight days. Finally, WCWI Leadership assisted the Transportation Coalition in securing services from Chris Zeilinger, Assistant Director of the Community Transportation Association of America, who provided a comprehensive transit report addressing one of the most critical needs for our target population: sustainable public transportation system. CityRide Circuit Pilot Project was developed to provide access to free and low-cost healthcare providers, employers, and other social services and funds are being sought to promote and implement the recommendations in the transit report.

WCWI consistently seeks funding from federal, tribal, state, and local governmental agencies, public and private foundations, business entities, and private citizens. WCWI is currently engaging in the Baldridge Framework Process to create long-term stainability/business plans. WCWI has received grants from PHIO IMPaCT, HRSA Network Planning, Bartlesville Community Foundation, ConocoPhillips and P66 Teams, Bartlesville Regional United Way, Cherokee Nation SPF-SIG, plus private cash and in-kind donations.

WCWI has been instrumental in implementing County Health Improvement Plans and, as the first County Health Improvement Organization certified by the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma, has been the model for the additional 25 CHIO's currently in place. Our leadership team provides conference presentations on replication of our process and through our website, we share organizational documentation. We in Washington County are grateful for the professionalism, dedication, and hard work expended by WCWI to nurture healthy communities.