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2018 Oklahoma Substance Use and Abuse Legislative Changes

2018 Opioid Legislative Changes
Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma
Summary of Oklahoma's Alcohol Laws

Community Assessment Survey

We reached 1000 completed community assessments and have begun compiling and analyzing the data. Thank you to everyone who participated! Each question and its answers on the assessment will be reported in the final report. However, if you or your organizations need an analysis based on more than one question, we need to know your requirements. For instance, if you need to see the number of children living in each household by ZIP code, you would need to let us know your requirements. You can review the assessment online. Please include question numbers in your request to make sure we know which data you need included.

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Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS)

The Cherokee Nation, acting through its Behavioral Health Prevention Programs (CNBHPP) Services, developed the Cherokee Nation Community Action Network (CAN) that will target Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS) funds in two areas: (1) prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons aged 12 to 25: and (2) underage drinking among persons aged 12 to 20. Washington County Wellness Initiative has been awarded a grant to partner with the Cherokee Nation in this project.

The SPF-PFS Project is a five-year project focused on Capacity Building, Planning, Assessment, Implementation, Evaluation and Monitoring of Prescription Drug Use/Abuse and Underage Drinking. Through this opportunity, WCWI and the Washington County Anti-Drug Network committee will promote and conduct community-based policy and environmental prevention strategies that have an impact on the social, cultural, political and economic processes of the community.

WCWI shall broaden support for projects, provide volunteers for activities, maximize the mobilization of participating groups through joint action, and engage in broad community actions to change public policy. WCWI shall use the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a systematic process that enables a community coalition to identify and implement the most effective prevention efforts for the community’s specific needs.

In addition, contractor shall conduct an annual needs assessment; develop a strategic plan to implement evidence-based community process and environmental strategies. WCWI shall collaborate with CNBHPP and Evaluator to evaluate all strategies and related activities designed to address the reduction of illegal and harmful use of alcohol and prescription drugs misuse within designated catchment area.

WCWI shall also include and maintain one or more representatives in its community coalition from each of the following twelve sectors: youth, parents, businesses, media, schools, community organizations serving youth, faith-based groups, civic and/or volunteer groups, health care professionals, state, local or tribal governmental agencies representing expertise in substance abuse, law enforcement, recovery community and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse.

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Past Activities

Turning Point Champion Award

Across the state nearly every day of the year, there are many activities happening which seek to improve health on issues such as nutrition, tobacco, physical activity, mental health, substance abuse, healthy moms and babies, improving access to quality health care, and so many more. The challenges are great, but our efforts as a community of concerned citizens, leaders, and decision makers throughout Oklahoma are also great.

The Oklahoma Turning Point Council received a record breaking number of nominations this year and are pleased to announce that Washington County Wellness Initiative has won the Community Champion Award in the OTHER Category for the Rural Network Planning Project! As a Community Champion Award winner, Washington County Wellness Initiative will be recognized during the awards celebration on Wednesday, September 2nd from 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM. We hope many of our WCWI members and supporters will attend. Additionally, OTPC will recognize WCWI’s achievement through a short video which will be shared with Washington County community members when completed.

The 18th Annual Turning Point Conference and Policy Day will take place on September 2 and 3 at the NCED Conference Center and Hotel in Norman. The conference “i3: Initiate. Invigorate. Innovate.” promises to be a great opportunity to refresh our commitment to improving health outcomes for our state. The conference will highlight best practices regarding effective community coalitions, strategic partnerships and relationship building; offer practical tips and tools that can be implemented in local communities to create a culture of health; engage the community in the development of policy objectives and advocacy efforts; and build connections among like-minded individuals who value a holistic view of community health and wellness.

BRUW Venture Grant for Mobile Dental Van

The Washington County Wellness Initiative (WCWI), in partnership with the Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF), plans to offer oral health services to low-income individuals through the use of the MobileSmiles dental van. WCWI plans to bring the MobileSmiles van to various locations throughout Washington County for a total of eight clinic days. Dentists, dental students, dental assistants, and other employees will provide dental treatment inside the RV-style mobile dental care unit. On average, a site visit day lasts 6-8 hours, serves 8-12 patients and delivers about $2,000 worth of dental care services. These services include: advance screenings; fillings; extractions; preventive care--cleanings, sealants and fluoride varnish; and oral health education. The mobile unit does not provide root canals, oral surgery, dentures or partials. Additionally, ODF will provide Educational Screening Visits wherein dental professionals visit Washington County to conduct oral health assessments and provide oral health education. MobileSmiles Oklahoma provides all screening forms and supplies. Therefore, through this BRUW venture grant, $600 per clinic visit will leverage approximately $2,000 worth of dental care services provided to low income individuals in greatest need.

COP – Team Grant for Mobile Dental Van

WCWI would like to thank Kevin Bjornen for leading the CoP Volunteer Team who entered Community Assessment survey data, modified the Free and Low-Cost Healthcare Resource Guide, and assembled Victim Resource Envelopes which are utilized by local law enforcement for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Through their efforts, WCWI received $1,000 which will be leveraged with the BRUW Venture Grant to fund the MobileSmiles Project.

P66 – Team Grant for Mobile Dental Van

WCWI is grateful to the P66 Team who donated 40 hours to enter Community Assessment survey data. Through their efforts, WCWI received $1,000 which will be leveraged with the BRUW Venture Grant to fund the MobileSmiles Project.