WCWI Receives Cherokee Nation Partnership for Success Grant

Funding to Address Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse Bartlesville, OK (August 27, 2015) – Washington County Wellness Initiated, Inc. (WCWI) is honored to be one of the eleven communities to receive a Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success (SPF-PFS) grant from the Cherokee Nation. Acting through its Behavioral Health Prevention Programs, the Cherokee Nation developed a Community Action Network that will target SPF-PFS funds in two areas: (1) prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons ages 12 to 25: and (2) underage drinking among persons ages 12 to 20. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the negative consequences of substance abuse specifically prescription drug misuse and abuse through a community-based prevention strategy utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework.

The WCWI Leadership Team and members of the Washington County Anti-Drug Network will work with the Cherokee Nation to reduce substance abuse-related problems in communities throughout Washington County. The framework will be developed with the goals of: preventing the onset and reducing the progression of the consumption and harmful consequences of prescription drug misuse and abuse and underage drinking of alcohol; building prevention capacity and infrastructure at the Cherokee Nation and community levels; and developing a replicable, sustainable model using learning groups between The Nation and WCWI efforts.

This project is funded through a federal Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnership for Success project with a unique focus on: 

  • Linking substance abuse consumption patterns, related causes and consequences;

  • Addressing underage and childhood drinking prevention and reduction, as well as substance-abuse issues across the lifespan;

  • Changing population-based outcomes at the community level;

  • Developing prevention infrastructure at the tribal and local levels;

  • Using data driven decision-making to identify geographical “hot spots” that show the greatest severity of substance abuse and correlates with varying levels of public funding for supportive programs;

  • Emphasizing implementation of evidence-based programs and strategies that impact norms, policies, and practices that contribute to systems change;

  • Developing and strengthening Cherokee Nation and community partnerships; and Emphasizing cultural responsiveness and sustainability.

Through implementation of the project, WCWI anticipates all Washington County communities will benefit by technical assistance lead by the WCWI Leadership Team with support from the Cherokee Nation Behavioral Health Prevention Programs to form broad-based planning groups. These groups will have an opportunity to critically assess local data, needs, and resources, and to build community-wide strategic prevention plans. Over the next five years, the project will allow strengthening of our prevention infrastructure, tribal-community collaboration, and linkages across prevention disciplines. The WCWI Leadership Team and Anti-Drug Network will develop a long-term prevention plan that incorporates: (1) an assessment of target groups that need support; (2) baseline data related to the extent of the problem; (3) identification of what is working in the community; (4) and the selection of specific programs and strategies that are shown to work, that are indicated based on the data, and that will result in positive changes; and (5) evaluation activities that will guide program and infrastructure improvements. WCWI and the Cherokee Nation will utilize this five-year project to strengthen the all communities’ ability to attract future prevention funds and achieve positive outcomes for substance abuse and related problems throughout Washington County. 

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